The life energy of the star of david

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For R achel Kimhi from Ramat Gan Israel , The star of David is a powerful symbol she uses in order to transfer the Reiki energy.
She has been trained as Master Reiki and has been conducting workshops since then, as well as healing , by means of Jewish symbols.

“Jewish symbols are suitable because they adjust well to our own vibration here in Israel “ , she says. “ Different ethnic societies have their specific energy vibrations, which when implemented bring to surface the potential talents and capabilities of the specific society or people. In order to achieve this , one needs to attune to those energy vibrations with full awareness.
“ Jews , says Rachel , have their own specific energy vibrations. I have discovered that jews who live in this part of the world, are attuned to the vibrations of the Reiki energy through a different channel.”

Rachel explains the distinctiveness of the energy of the symbol star of David :
“ This is an energy which connects us to our very essence , to our true nature , and protects us deeply. It derives from the world ‘s very first sources, when Adam and Eve had to leave Eden , and used this energy in order to survive.
The life energy of the star of David was given to other cultures as well , who resided in the Middle East , in the ancient times. However , these cultures perished and disappeared.”.

Rachel describes the knowledge she received through channeling as a stage in her personal growth voyage. She has been channeling for sometime a high jewish entity who passes through her inspiration and instructions as to her work with students and patients.

The life energy of the star of David is passed also through Psalms expressing abundance, protection, healing and empowerment . The Psalms are interwoven in the cleansing and attuning process, thus releasing mental, emotional and physical blockings. This energy then , balances the chakras, lifts depression and helps solve every day problems.

“ It is a fact that anyone connects easily with the verse ” Shema Israel …” , smiles Rachel. She refuses to expose the other symbols except the star of David. She specifies that the Hebrew word for the “ star “ is the acronym for – mind , body and soul .
All three are involved in the healing process. There are different symbols for releasing blocks from childhood, for physical therapy, for protection, for cleansing sins etc’ . But the most important is the fact that through the life energy of the star of David one is connected to abundance, cosmic knowledge and the higher self.

Commenting on the phenomena of channeling, Kimchi explains that the energy releases and creates powerful connections and therefore many begin to channel as a result of opening up to knowledge.

Rachel conducts workshops and teaches all 3 levels of attuning to this energy and knowledge , as well as trains Master teachers.
Each stage reveals its own specific symbols.

Amongst her many students are whole families, who have found through this teaching harmony and peace.

Many of her students and patients have cured themselves of cancer and other serious ailments , have rehabilitated extremely fast after surgery, have released stress and anxiaty and have in general established welfare.